In today’s world everything is growing and changing very fast. Especially in our professional lives. And it is very understandable: since humankind initially came from the Realm where there is no time, space, and motion, it is now busily trying to recreate that initial state of being with no fragmentation, and is somewhat succeeding: information exchange happens at the speed of Light, everyone is connected to others through technology, and physical interaction between people is beginning to seem unnecessary.

But it is very necessary. We were given our bodies for a purpose: to help people, to love people and to make more people. Being smart and being happy become synonymous after you realize that the real smart way to live is to really be there for people who need you. And to start really sharing with others. And then the Universe will take care of us, returning the positive energy we had created into our life, amplified many times!


So we at Elari try to make products, which help you live such a smart and balanced life, allowing you to be more efficient and focused, and yet available to care for others.

Our Anti-smartphones help you balance your love affair with your smartphone – because sometimes you just need to hide it, and truly be there for your friends and family, while being available for an important call.

Our SmartFamily solutions allow you to stay connected and care for your loved ones – be it an elderly person, a child or even a pet. Or even your bicycle.

SmartSound devices are created specially for music lovers who want to enjoy excellent sound quality without wires.

SmartWiFi are essential gadgets for providing internet access to multiple devices worldwide.

Wireless charging ecosystem SmartWireless will allow you to conveniently charge ANY smartphone without wires! SmartWireless gadgets are suitable for both smartphones that do not support the wireless charging function, and the latest models of iPhone, Samsung, etc., supporting Qi.

Our SmartMemory line allows you to be more efficient and share information easily, even away from the Internet. Our SmartEnergy products help you keep your digital life charged.

We hope that you use our products, and live a balanced, happy, and loving life!