Established in 1968, Midea is one of the world’s fastest growing companies – ranked number 253 by Forbes Global in 2018 – and a global manufacturer with factories in twelve countries across the world.

With facilities in China,  SA, Japan, Germany and Italy, Midea boasts an annual global HVAC capacity of over 52 million systems. In 2019 HVAC total global sales output reached over 40 million systems. This affirms Midea’s place as the WORLD’S No 1 MANUFACTURER of HVAC products.

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To put that in context the UK air conditioning market installs less than 250,000 systems each year. In 2019, 1 in every 5 air conditioning systems sold into Europe was manufactured by Midea.

Midea annual sales in the last ten years have grown from $12bn to $40bn per annum based on a simple strategy of providing innovative, affordable, robust and reliable air conditioning products. With automated production facilities in twelve countries, served by Midea owned German robotic automation, Midea can provide GLOBAL manufacturing accuracy that is only matched by companies such as BMW and Mercedes Benz.

The company manufactures a wide range of equipment including; DX split systems (1kW to 70kW), VRF systems (3HP to 88HP), Air Cooled Chillers (25kW to 2000kW), Water Cooled Screw Chillers (365kW to 985kW), Air Handling units (200m3/hr to 240,000 m3/hr) and even the world’s most economical 7000kW Centrifugal Chiller.

Midea has won 40+ design awards at various global design shows such as reddot, iF, and the Good Design Awards. Midea also became the first manufacturer to receive the Eco-Friendly Blue Angel certification from the German environment agency after launching the world’s first eco-friendly air conditioner.

With a portfolio of high-profile projects, including the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and some of the largest VRF projects in the world, Midea’s market share is growing rapidly. The equipment can be operated in a wide temperature range, from -32oC to +67oC, making Midea the perfect choice for air conditioning in some of the world’s harshest climates as seen in Russia or even in the mildest of climates as found in the UK. Ahead of Midea’s 50th anniversary in 2018 the company strengthened its portfolio by acquiring ownership stakes in Clivet Italy (80%), Toshiba Life Style Corporation Japan (80%) and Germany’s largest robotic manufacturer KUKA (95%).